Sunday, July 21, 2013

Georgetown Cupcakes.

 Georgetown Cupcakes
111 Mercer Street (between Spring and Prince)
New York, NY 1001

What to say. Not much really, other than they're O.K. I got this chocolate-y cupcake, and it was...interesting. Not to sound like a douche, (aside from this being a written as a "food critic") but I feel like the frosting was too much for the cupcake. They're already small as is. The frosting takes up like two-thirds of the bloody cupcake, I could barely taste the chocolate, which in my opinion wasn't that good, it could've done more with sweetening, although I'm not to sure as to the direction the cupcakes are meant to taste. If the direction was sweet, they've not done a good job at it :T. I may be sounding very critical on my judgment, especially since this is like, my first cupcake. Though after having this one I'm not too sure if I'm gonna go and get another one, since every cupcake there has virtually the same proportions between frosting and cake part.

Mine is the one with sprinkles, canat it's chocolate. Gooooooood. Though, this won't even probably reach anywhere too deep into the interwebs, I feel that this needs clarifying. I do understand that some people are into the frosting overshadowing the actual cake thing itself, I'm not one of those people. Although, I might just revisit Georgtown cupcakes some time in the future, who knows. I was going to get the Red Velvet cupcake, but my friend said it wasn't that good, so then I got the chocolate vanilla, and now it's okay. I guess. 
Visiting Date: Feb 19, 2013