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Main (and basically only) writer of this food blog. Commonly mistaken as Katy/Katie. Poly-amorous - I have an undying love for winter cranberry hand soap, cheese, egg-y desserts and mac and cheese. Photographs with a shitty iPhone 4. Has abnormally long fingers. Likes baking. Aime parler francais mal. Dislikes raw carrots. Reads too many food blogs.  

Maggie P
Je suis une chatte qui peut utiliser l'ordinateur.  Je suis magnifique, non? Unfortunately, due to my limited French I can't say much else. Unless it's describing how great of a person I am. No joke. That's basically all I've taken out of like 5 years of public school French. I'm sorry. So, anyway. In regards to the blog, I'll be the one with the super long posts that have no meaning and are all just long winded stories about food adventures that no one cares about. I'm sorry. Again.

Professional judge of people/food. I really like food and really hate people. Et je parle français aussi. Ou un peu de français. J'aime bien français. Mais je n'aime pas les personnes. Anyways, I'm a crap student and I play instruments and like watching tv shows that eventually consume my life. Yaaay.

Sorry I don't have a picture of myself but whateve. That panda is just too adorable. I eat most of the time, just can't stop. I don't like very sweet things T^T oh wells. I'm a boring human being, there's nothing much to know about me except I'm super lazy and just wanna sleep and eat all day.

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