Thursday, February 27, 2014

Places to visit in the year 2014

So is this going to be a post about places I recommend you visit, or where I want to visit? Why not both?

I've been planning this post since January... And it was supposed to be for the New Years...and it's already the end of February... ... ... Better late than never? My original New Year's resolution was to go to new food places since I live in a city known for good food, but I guess I should add "not procrastinating" to that list of resolutions. 

Here are some places that I want to go to, or have been meaning to go to:

I've heard of good things about this place from my friend ( hi Kelly if you're reading this). I've never had Ukranian food, so this will be a new experience. Plus, it's cheap, so if I don't like it, then I won't have to fret over wasting a ton of money.

Maggie, my co-author of this blog and our beauty blog, found out about this place while browsing Yelp. She had me at "cheap, tasty doughnuts".

This has been on my visit list forever, and I still haven't went because it's in the middle of hipster Brooklyn, which is kind of inconvenient to go to for me (transferring trains, UGH. It's the reason why I hardly go to Queens).  I just really want pie.

Seriouseats and other food related websites have praised this eatery for their authentic bialys. I've only had packaged ones, so this will be nice to try.

Almost everyone knows this deli from the movie When Harry Met Sally, which I have never actually seen. regardless, I still want to munch on those sandwiches.

I've actually been here before, and if you actually read this blog, I have a review on this! However, that was the only time I've ever been there. Of course I want to go back and try more flavors - there were so many!

I've also heard of this place through Maggie, whom I already mentioned before. Conveniently, it's in SoHo, which is probably the only neighborhood in Manhattan that I frequent ( I live in the South Beach area in Brooklyn).  Because she mentioned clotted cream, I'm hoping this will be a good Alice's Tea Cup substitution because the latter is farther and almost always crowded; however, I don't doubt Harney and Sons will be crowded either.

That's it for me! If you've been to any of these places, tell me all about it in the comments! What should I try, what do you like? I'd appreciate it :> Stay tuned for the next part where I recommend places for you to try in the year 2014.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Post / Mentioning of Macaron Parlor

Last Friday, co-author Shuzhen brought us to Macaron Parlour to buy (a LOT) of macarons for her and her family. I've never heard of this macaron shop before (gasp) so I was excited to go. We also got Coco's bubble tea after -w- (possible review? I have a review on my yelp page. People think it's funny.) 

Such a cute sign.
Shuzhen got 2 ginormous boxes (maybe she'll do a review for us *gasp*) while I, on the other hand, got two single macarons.


I decided to play it safe (sorta) and purchased a chocolate raspberry and an elvis (peanut butter and banana) and both were DELICIOUS. The flavors really came through through the fillings. No pictures, sadly, because I brought them home and my house has the crappiest lighting. :( Next time!
Cheetos macarons. W h a t.

I want to try more!