Tuesday, February 26, 2013

il laboratorio del gelato

Pictured: Interior

188 Ludlow St
(between Houston St & Stanton St) 
New York, NY 10002

I remember trying to explain the difference between gelato and ice-cream once; it was difficult being that I am not an ice-cream aficionado. This site explains it well, comparing ingredients and processes, even including sorbets. Enough talk of frozen desserts, let's get eating. 

Pictured: Different flavors!

There are tons of flavors to choose. See them all here.
It was hard picking out what to try. Luckily, as I've read on yelp, when the store is relatively empty, you may request samples, which is what we did. I remember sampling Thai Chili Chocolate, which at first was just a rich, decadent chocolate gelato, but a few seconds later, a spicy kick from the chili crept up on your taste buds.

Pictured: Four (4) Scoops of Gelato

These pictures are from sometime last year, so everything's a bit dusty. However, the mind does not forget deliciousness.

If I recall correctly, Amelia and I shared the cup shown above, which consisted of: Earl Grey Gelato, Campari Grapefruit Sorbet, Black Sesame Gelato and, possibly Hazelnut Gelato [I can't remember]. We obviously didn't think this through and didn't have the flavors paired up, so the mixed ice-creams weren't as enjoyable as they could be.

Pictured: Gelato from another angle

I can't remember what the Earl Grey or Hazelnut tasted like. I should make a mental note to go back sometime soon.

I do remember that the black sesame was nutty and overall pleasant. In my opinion, Sundaes and Cones [review coming soon, hopefully] takes the award for best black sesame frozen dessert item. The grapefruit sorbet was miles out of place from our selection, but I found it to be quite tart, yet pleasing to the tongue alongside the coolness from the treat. If you dislike grapefruit in its pure state, this is probably not for you. Moving on...

Pictured: Two (2) Scoop of Gelato

I believe this is Rose Petal Gelato and Strawberry Sorbet, as chosen by Maggie. Unlike the aforementioned four scoop mess that was quickly devoured, this was thought out and paired together nicely. 

Pictured: Blue cup, blue nails.

Mismatched gelato/sorbet flavors doesn't mean inedible or unpalatable. This "laboratory of gelato" is far from that.

Pictured: Interior

I love the interior design of this store. It is modern & metallic [well, the benches were, if you can tell in my photos] and obviously reminiscent of a laboratory, as implied by the title of the store. If you look behind the display cases of gelato, you can see the many machines at work, creating batches of the dozens of flavors of the luscious frozen dessert. 

In conclusion, good eats, friendly staff, lovely atmosphere. Try it today. 

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