Monday, February 18, 2013

Quetzal Restaurant

Top Left - Chicken Soup, Top Right - Grilled Chicken Wrap, Center - Cheeseburger Deluxe

Tres Leches
So recently, my friends and I visited Quetzal Restaurant after school for lack of anything better to do and also cheap Spanish food, which is always a good time.
We each got a separate main dish pictured at the top, ranging from $3.50 (Chicken Soup) to $7 (Grilled Chicken Wrap), which is pretty good considering their size.

The chicken soup was your typical warm, hearty soup, though the carrots were chopped way too thickly and hard to get into my mouth at first (HA, twss).
As for the grilled chicken wrap, I wasn't that big of a fan, I thought the chicken in it was too dry and everything kept crumbling and falling out while my friend was trying to eat it; moral of the story: don't try new things, she should've stuck to the chicken quesadilla.
The burger: this isn't the one.  Yeah, well I recently started watching How I Met Your Mother and one of the latest episodes I'd seen was the one where Marshall goes out looking for the burger.  And for me, this just wasn't the one.  It was good, but again, a little too dry.  The fries were great though, especially with the hot sauce after we ran out of ketchup.

After a little break from our meals, we decided to split a Tres Leches since we all wanted something a little sweet but were too full to have something just for ourselves.
And it was delicious.  The frosting to cake ratio was pretty off though, but I've grown used to that with most cakes and cupcakes, would definitely go back for more of it, though maybe we'll try the bread pudding next time.

Total Eating Time: 20 minutes for meal, 10 minutes for dessert

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