Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Post / Mentioning of Macaron Parlor

Last Friday, co-author Shuzhen brought us to Macaron Parlour to buy (a LOT) of macarons for her and her family. I've never heard of this macaron shop before (gasp) so I was excited to go. We also got Coco's bubble tea after -w- (possible review? I have a review on my yelp page. People think it's funny.) 

Such a cute sign.
Shuzhen got 2 ginormous boxes (maybe she'll do a review for us *gasp*) while I, on the other hand, got two single macarons.


I decided to play it safe (sorta) and purchased a chocolate raspberry and an elvis (peanut butter and banana) and both were DELICIOUS. The flavors really came through through the fillings. No pictures, sadly, because I brought them home and my house has the crappiest lighting. :( Next time!
Cheetos macarons. W h a t.

I want to try more!

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