Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doughnut Plant, Part 1

No, not Doughnut Planet. Doughnut Plant.Without the e.

Doughnut Plant
220 W 23rd St
(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave) 
New YorkNY 10011
Neighborhood: Chelsea

 Pictured: The holy display case of doughnuts.

I've already written a review on Yelp, so I guess this will be the extended version...?
Be sure to read my review here:
But if you're not into self-promotions, maybe this sneak peek will change your mind.
"It's dangerous having a doughnut shop right by my volunteering place. Although I rarely crave doughnuts, this place has me head over heels for the circular doughy treats..."

What to talk about now...
Pictured: A corner of store close to the entrance. Probably the condiment section for your coffee. Blurry photo because this was before I had an iPhone. :o

There is actually another Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side, and I have yet to visit that branch. It was probably the original or first store, but since I was coincidentally in Chelsea, might as well just go to that branch, right?

Pictured: The holy wall of doughnut pillows.

The decors are so. friggin'. adorable. Doughnut shaped pillows of all different patterns are glued to the wall. The tables alternate between square and circular shaped doughnuts. The chairs have doughnut-shaped backs, while the booth is decorated with little mini doughnuts. I am pleased to see an electronic menu, but there is also a display case showing all the available doughnuts for the day. I recommend just looking at the display to see what doughnuts are available, rather than embarrassingly ordering a doughnut that was sold out hours ago.

Pictured: Another section of the store, I think behind the counter. 
I have no idea why this photo is so dark.

Do you, the readers [cricket chirps] love or hate daily menus? Doughnut Plant and Georgetown Cupcakes are the only stores I've been to that utilize these menus. I, personally, do not know how I feel about them. Do I like that each day is unique? Yes, but isn't it just more convenient to be able to go whenever you want and still get the flavor of doughnut [or cupcake] that you wish? Yes, but that just takes the fun out of deciding what day to go to the store. Especially when you have friends who can never decide what to do [AHEM, I'm looking at you, oblivious co-authors who have never looked back at this blog and will probably never read this until years later. Or ever.], so you might as well revolve the date around the daily menus. You are able to find which flavors are available on a specific day on the Doughnut Plant website, link above with the address.

Pictured: An empty Doughnut Plant paper bag. 

Well, you're probably sick of hearing me not talk about the doughnuts. Soon, children. Soon.


[Edit: If you're wondering where all the photos are, well, they're still on my phone, so I'm trying to transfer ALL my photos to my laptop. And yes, I do take a ton of photos (1000+) and yes, it will take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So when I do get time to transfer them, I will edit this post and add them.]

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