Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Click for a glittery pumpkin.

What better alternative to Halloween than sandwiches? Candy is nice, but these were better. In place of trick-or-treating, I headed to Cibao to spend my chilly Friday evening..

172 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
b/t Wyckoff St & Warren St in Cobble Hill

Upon entering should you notice an old school western atmosphere - uneven brick walls, tin can lights and wooden chairs and tables pulled the look together.

My group and I first received a dish of salty warm buttered bread (a perfect way to start any meal).

We ordered three sandwiches and split them, sort of giving ourselves a sampler platter.

First up, the Cubano, which was my favorite out of the bunch. It had a generous serving tender roast pork which went well with the creamy mayonnaise; the ham and pickle added saltiness to the sandwich. It was the most unique one out of the three I tried, in my opinion.

Next I had the Pollo with breaded chicken in place of grilled. The chicken was EXTREMELY moist and juicy (unlike Canteen chicken [sorry Canteen, but I love your turkey]). One of my friends said it was like a deluxe McChicken but better, and I could see where she was coming from.

Lastly was the Chimichurri, which consisted of hamburger with a ketchup and mayo sauce. Another McDonalds comparison (I am so sorry) - it reminded me of one of their burgers. Perhaps my palette is not yet refined enough to enjoy luxurious cuisine, but that won't stop me from eating delicious food. Contrary to its name, I didn't spot any green sauce here. (P.S. - scroll back to the top of this post for a better picture of this sandwich.)

Would I come back? HELL YEAH. I yearn for another Cubano already (except this time all for myself). Clearly, that's the sandwich I'd recommend. Here's to hoping my next visit is soon!

Happy eating!!!

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