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Doughnut Plant, Part 2

In the previous post, "Doughnut Plant, Part 1", I left you off with this:
"Well, you're probably sick of hearing me not talk about the doughnuts. Soon, child. Soon." 

Can you guess what this post is going to be about? Yeahhhh. Doughnuts. "FINALLY!", you exclaim from your seat while scaring your dog. Yes, finally. Let's begin.

Crème Brûlée Doughseed: This is the first doughnut I had at Doughnut Plant about a year ago. Because I had it so long ago, I only slightly recall what it tasted like, so do not trust my opinion on this. All I remember is a creamy custard filling, and a burnt yet flaky sugar topping. I do not think I enjoyed this doughnut as much as the others.
Pictured: Coconut Lime Cake Doughnut and Blackout Cake Doughnut, both bitten into.

Coconut Lime Cake: Maggie's first doughnut! Of course I took a few bites from it, because I have to try everything. It had a pleasant texture - it was fluffy but not so light that it would fall apart. The lime was more prominent than the coconut, since the coconut was only present in its shredded form, so she had recommended the doughnut be called Lime Coconut.

Pictured: Blackout Cake Doughnut, gracefully lying on
the Doughnut Plant Paper Bag, crumbs everywhere.

Blackout Cake: At first, I was unsure of this flavor. I am not a chocoholic, but I certainly would not pass up an offer of a chocolate doughnut. I asked the cashier what the doughnut was comprised of, and he had me at "chocolate pudding". Yes, children, it's stuffed with pudding!!! It has chocolate cake crumbs sprinkled over the doughnut, so it is a messier doughnut, but I love the dark cocoa flavor it gives.

Matcha Green Tea Cake: Matcha, in my opinion, is something that grows onto you the more you drink it. At first sip, you might think it tastes meaty and weird, but the more your Asian parents force it down your throat with a funnel, the less you regard its meatiness. If you like Green Tea Frappucinos from Starbucks, you'll probably really like this doughnut. The earthiness of the matcha is not lost, which is always a good sign of a doughnut. I like how the glaze of the doughnut and the inside of the doughnut are different shades of green. I don't have a picture though - you'll just have to see it for yourself.
Pictured: On the top, Coconut Cream
Square Filled Doughnut. The left, the
Matcha Green Tea Cake Doughnut, and on
the right, the Peanut Butter Square Filled

Coconut Cream Square Filled: Let me just start off by saying the coconut cream filling in this was oddly...refreshing. I was surprised when I bit into the doughnut because of how cooling and light the filling was! If the cream had been made out of coconut milk, you know, the thick viscous stuff you get from the can, then color me surprised because it is nothing like the coconut milk from a can. Except for the coconut part. This doughnut was mildly coconut-y, which I don't mind. However, if you are an avid coconut fan, you may be disappointed. The glaze on this is hardly coconut-y, but the filling compensates for the lacking glaze.

Peanut Butter and Banana Cream Square Filled: This doughnut is easily one of my favorites. A creamy, VERY potent banana cream is enveloped in a yeasty doughnut, which is covered in glaze and chunks of peanuts.  Yes, I really do think the Banana Cream is the star of this doughnut because it is just. so. STRONG. It does not taste artificial at all, and I appreciate its prominence in the pastry, although my sister who had also tasted it was not as giddy about the filling as I was. :c As for the peanuts, I was surprised at how much I liked them; I usually don't enjoy whole peanuts because they're really salty and flavorful, but I like how they balanced the sweetness of the banana. UGH, I just love this doughnut so much.

Tres Leches Cake: Tres Leches is one my favorite cakes ever. Some people are turned off by the sopping wetness of it, but the milks are what gives the cake its unique quality - hence, its name, TRES LECHES. This doughnut is a pretty good representation of the cake, although it wasn't soaking wet with milk. That is probably a good thing; we wouldn't want it to fall apart and soak your cute Doughnut Plant decorated paper bag. I brought this doughnut home for my sister, and we warmed it up a little in the microwave and it just transformed. I swear I saw a filling in the doughnut, and it might have been sweetened condensed milk. Or I could have been hallucinating. 

Triple Chocolate Cake: Once you go Blackout, you can't go back. While I do like this doughnut, Blackout just takes the cake [hahaha] for chocolate cake doughnuts. This doughnut, alongside the Tres Leches doughnut, was brought home to my sister and warmed up in the microwave. Yet again, the doughnut transformed after it was microwaved. Was it the Tres Leches doughnut or this doughnut that had a filling? Was I hallucinating both times? Was I imagining a chocolate pudding filling, hoping that the workers at Doughnut Plant had given me a Blackout dressed up as a Triple Chocolate? I...don't know anymore. I do know that this doughnut was yummy, because who doesn't love chocolate cake doughnuts? If you are a chocolate lover, get this if and only if they run out of Blackout. Or if you hate bitter cocoa. It's a matter of preference, really.

Pictured: The outside of the store, when it was surrounded by scaffolding. Blurry, because I was walking.

Carrot Cake: I had not even planned to try this doughnut, but my other sister had requested I bring home this flavor. I guess I was in a bad mood that day, because I had it and I didn't like it. When I think back to it, I wonder what I was thinking. It did remind me of a carrot cake. I recall tasting cinnamon, and then biting into a chewy raisin [re-hydrated!] and then eventually got to the carrot bits. I don't remember tasting cream cheese frosting, but maybe it was in the glaze? Or perhaps it wasn't present at all. Maybe if I was on a carrot cake kick, I would've been in love, but I wasn't. Wrong doughnut at the wrong time. As for my sister, she thought the doughnut had a very natural carrot flavor and it didn't taste like most carrot cakes. If you love carrot cake, definitely try this. You probably didn't have to read this to decide that, did you? I hope not.

Pictured: Display Case of Doughnuts. Yes, I am recycling this photo because I ran out, but at least you can see the Blueberry Cake Doughnut and the Carrot Cake Doughnut. In the bottom row on the very left, you can see the Triple Chocolate Cake Doughnut.

Blueberry Cake: I was so happy to see that Doughnut Plant still had the Blueberry doughnuts even though they were supposed to be gone, according to the seasonal menu. Like the matcha, I was amused at the different colors of the inside and the glaze of the doughnut. Once again, I don't have a picture, but the glaze was a purplish-blue while the doughnut was a funky looking "I-accidentally-smushed-the-blueberries-in-my-blueberry-muffin" color. Why isn't that a crayon color yet? Anyway, the glaze has a stronger blueberry flavor than the cake part, probably because the blueberry in the glaze was still technically fresh. The blueberry skins are a part of the doughnut that I feel like some people would be weirded out by [especially if those people are texture freaks], but it just shows me that these doughnuts are made with REAL blueberries.

Peach Yeast: If you couldn't tell after reading all these paragraphs of me talking about doughnuts, I love cake doughnuts more than yeast doughnuts. I thought I would switch it up the day I bought this, though, because I was feeling like "stepping out of my comfort zone." Because that is what people really refer to when they say that phrase: trying a new flavor of doughnut on a type of doughnut you don't like as much. Obviously. This isn't the first time I've had Doughnut Plant's yeast doughnuts, since the Square Filled doughnuts use yeast doughnuts. The doughnut was pleasantly chewy. Isn't gluten just great? The peach was present in the glaze, and, like the blueberry doughnut, the skin of the peach was the part of the glaze that reminded me that real peaches were used. If you're into the yeasties, pick this up.

Whew! That was a lot for you, wasn't it? Yeah, this took me a while to post, not because I did each paragraph a day, oh no. I wrote a rough draft of this whole post at 3AM one night "because I was bored" and then I never bothered editing it because it was so long and I didn't want to read it, ha.

Anyway, that's it for all the doughnuts I've tried so far. I hope I'll be back to update you on more flavors or re-tastes. I'm definitely excited to try the new raspberry doughnuts that Doughnut Plant has this season. Until then, farewell, readers.

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