Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Post-Halloween Candy Mini Haul

It's one of my favorite times of the year - post-Halloween! Which means all the Halloween themed candy, snacks, and decorations are on sale for ridiculously cheap and just as delicious as normal!

 Last week the items at Target were only 25% off, cheaper, but I could still wait - and good thing I was patient because now candy is from 50-70% off at Target, a much better deal

In above picture bottom clockwise up:
95 count candy minis (Almond Joy, Whoppers, Reese's, Heath)
Reg - $9.99
Sale - $2.99
Brach's Candy Corn & Peanuts
Reg - $2.69
Sale - $0.80
Jumbo Bag of Kit Kats
Reg - $9.98
Sale - $1.49

Mini-Review - I'm actually not the biggest fan of Heath bars, I like them but eh, so I might just end up giving a bunch to fellow blogger and the only other person who ever posts, Kitty.
It was from her that I heard that the candy corn with peanuts taste like Payday bars, and I'd never had a Payday bar until last Friday, but now I can vouch that it does taste vaguely like Paydays, though I'm not the biggest fan - just give me candy corn, all I want is pure, glue textured sugar.
*Side Note* So I poured all the candy corn into a Ziploc bag for easy pickings and I noticed that more than half the bag is just peanuts.... No Brach's, don't you dare deprive me of my candy corn.

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