Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick Mention: Teaus and Kuma

86 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
b/t Park Pl & Warren St in Park Slope

Even though this place opened almost a month ago (the first of September), I hadn't heard about this place until I spotted a familiar looking bear in the distance.

Pictured: Rilakkuma and his companion

At first, I thought they were just on their way somewhere to an event or something, but they were advertising this store by handing out flyers. Even though I believe they said it was a block up from where I was, it was a bit farther; I didn't mind the walk, though (I had to go to Target anyway). It wasn't too far from Blue Sky Bakery or Canteen (two great food places in that area).

Pictured: Menu/Flyer

Before I entered, I was pretty concerned with the pricing of the stuff there because 1. I had never been there before, 2. the prices on the card I received were crossed out and 3. all the money I had was supposed to be for my shoes that I decided not to buy.

The room was quite spacious and it was sorta empty for a Friday afternoon; I guess they still need to gain popularity. There were a few people having the store's lunch special, which I need to further investigate on my future visits. A big part that drew me in the store were the Rilakkumas and Korilakkumas chilling in random spots of the store - anyone who knows me knows I can't resist that iconic bear.

Pictured: Lemon Iced Black Tea in wonky lighting

I got a Lemon Iced Black Tea, which ended up being $3.54 ($3.25 on the menu). While waiting for my drink I could hear my wallet sobbing in agony, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the glass bottle - plus, I believe you can bring it back to get 50 cents discounted from your next drink. Seeing stores try to be more environmentally friendly always gets me in a better mood. It's got that modern look too, with the cork on top.

The drink was great too - pretty sweet, but not lacking in lemony tartness. Luckily, I've been on a tea kick so this place tickled my fancy. Now I just need to figure out how to get the lemon out!

I know I'm coming back next Tuesday, so maybe I'll update this post or write a review on Yelp. Have you come here yet? Let me know!

Happy Eating!!!!

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