Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adam's Breakfast Cart


Ahem. Sorry, I got a little too excited there. But do you? I most certainly do. As I was about to say, I stand by the firm belief that muffins are NOT the ugly cousins of cupcakes; in my mind, they are a completely different species.

Pictured: The side of the cart. Sorry about the weird orange thing on the bottom; that was my phone case being dumb.

I can't give a real address for this since it's a cart and not a store, but I suppose I could give a description of its whereabouts. It's located right outside one of the Atlantic Avenue Barclay's Center stations on the D, N and R lines and it's on the side with the creepy looking church, across the street from the station with the elevator. Welp, good luck trying to find it. I tried.

Anyway, this cart doesn't sell just muffins. However, just like Blue Sky Bakery, I believe that their muffins outshine everything else available.

Pictured: Banana Walnut Muffin feat. amNY

I basically only get the muffins, and I usually ask what flavor muffins are available. Of course, I've tried a lot more than the lonely two muffins you see on this post and they were all satisfactory. They're pretty oily (duh), judging by the bag's grease stains, but they're moist yet crumbly. I bet they'd be a perfect breakfast with a plate, a cup of coffee, and a newspaper.

By the afternoon, the cart disappears, most likely because they've sold out. Also, apparently no one wants breakfast foods in the afternoon (except me). I've seen the cart stay as late as 10AM, so I'm gonna guess that's around the time it leaves.

Pictured: Cranberry Muffin

I've seen this cart almost every day in the morning for almost four years, and I'm sure the cart has been there even longer. The guy who runs it is amiable and pleasant to be around; he definitely has regulars he talks to every morning. You also get a student discount if you're, well, a student. Yay cheaper muffins! They're regularly, $1.50, I believe.

Anyway, I love these muffins and I HIGHLY recommend you try them out. Happy eating!

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