Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Half Birthday to Me!

Well, my half birthday was yesterday. This post would have been out on time if the Blogger app wasn't so shitty. Ugh. STOP DELETING MY DRAFTS!!!

Anyway, while yesterday was a regular Friday for most of us (myself included, actually), I enjoyed pretending as though it were a special day (it wasn't).

For starters, I went to do some Christmas shopping by myself (my wallet weeped), and later I met up with my sister so she could pick up some foundation at the e.l.f. studio. Speaking of which...

Macarons!!! Randomly just chilling there on the table under the mirror. Hope no one got powder on them. Blech.

After some more purchases, my partner in crime and I grew famished and we headed to a vegetarian Thai restaurant for some dinner.

This was the Jade Crepe from Pukk. Innards included mock duck, bean sprouts and avocado. I was surprised by how much I liked the duck, although it was quite peppery. I also thought there could have been more bean sprouts or avocado but I'm not complaining about more mock duck.

The crepe was an appetizer, so I ordered an entree which you can probably guess is Pad Thai. It was nothing mindblowing, although I'm not sure you can trust my opinion. My first Pad Thai was at a super fancy asian fusion restaurant and now my standards for Pad Thai are ridiculously high. My choice of meat, mock chicken, had a hint of an odd aftertaste, but otherwise it tasted fine. The whole dish pretty tasty and filling for $10.


My sister got green curry. Unlike me, she can handle the spice. One time I ordered green curry and I was actually tearing up trying to eat it. I made the decision to not try any in fear of depleting the restaurant's water supply.

If you're in the area and you're a vegetarian craving Thai food, I'd recommend this place! Since my sister wasn't in the mood for falafels, belgian fries or burgers, we chose to eat here, and I was fine by that. We ended the day with some Coco's. (Of course I got my usual Medium Hot 2 Ladies with 30% Sugar.)

So that was my Friday. What'd you do yesterday? Eat any good food? Do anything fun? Let me know!
As always, happy eating!!!

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