Sunday, March 16, 2014

February in New York

It's time for another "let's see what kitty did recently" post! 

I thoroughly enjoyed my mid-winter vacation break a few weeks back, but if you're not a teacher or a student, you most likely didn't have a vacation that week. I, however, relished every second of it, and accomplished the task of going to new food places.

On Thursday before break, this monstrosity happened.

And I went to school. Yippee. Not relevant to food, but I thought I would share. We can talk about how terrible that terrible experience if you had to go out that day too.

Also a little irrelevant, but on Friday I went to the Samsung Galaxy Studio with my friends, and the employees were so nice ;v; I made myself a Benedict Cumberbatch compact, and got some food items. Above is a spinach and feta pastry, and a juice (that I can't remember the name of, but it had ginger and it was interesting. Sweet greens, a green juice, was good too.).

Later that day, my group and I stopped by The Tea Shoppe so my friend (hi Kaity) could pick up some tea leaves for her friend. 
So many tea options!

After we got the goods, we went to:
Woah fancy crêpes.

Here are all the crêpes my posse and I got. Not going to go too into details because I might make a separate post about it. They were delish.

Some other day, I went to Umami Burger. Again, not going to go too into detail because this also might be an upcoming post.

And after that, I wanted to knock another place off my list, so we went to Mille-Feuille bakery. Their almond chocolate croissants are popular, so I wanted in on the goodness.

Quick aside, but not really because it's what I did over the break. So I've been replaying the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, and I can't even. Do any of you play it? If you don't, you should.

Back to that day. Afterwards, we headed to the Samsung Galaxy Studio again. This was the cosmetic bag that I customized, and this also shows how that (gay) lawyer game has taken over my life.

Another cool thing this studio has is it its 3D printer.

Right by the studio is the Chobani Store! Once again, I might have a separate review on this. This blueberry walnut yogurt was very good (even if you can't see it).

They handed out this bracelet too! I always forgot to wear it though :(

And now for some random food bits.

Have you tried these new Chips Ahoy cookies? They're pretty good, although I had low expectations for them. If you want an actual review on this, I recommend this blog. Great for junk food reviews.

From my favorite muffin cart, which I've yet to review, a cranberry muffin.

And lastly, I finally found these chips... From months ago. Good thing these have an eternal shelf life. They weren't amazing, and kind of tasted like spicy ketchup chips. I don't think you're missing anything if you didn't find these.

Welp, that wraps it up! Are you looking forward to March? Saint Patrick's Day? Pi Day? Just spring in general? Tell me in the comments what you yearn for! Happy March!!


  1. I can't wait to see your individual reviews for the places!!

    I had the eight turn crepe strawberry green tea for free and it was so goood!

    Will let you know of other opportunities to eat it for free! ;)

    Terresa :)
    Terresa's Steals & Deals

  2. I miss my crepe already T______T

    You always manage to find the best deals. You're MAGICAL!