Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quick Mention: Mango Mango

Mango Mango is a cute little dessert shop in Chinatown; in fact, it's pretty much right next to Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. So, if you chose a bad day to go to the ice cream factory where it's full, maybe you wanna check out Mango Mango.

Pictured: Slush Dessert and Slush Drink

Pictured: Close up of dessert

Pictured: Side view of the drink. Those layers had me (and my friend) captivated.

I am most definitely not being biased because my other friend works there. However, she did convince me to go, so there's that.

The mangoes were sweet and pungent in their distinct flavor; however, the strawberries (or rather the strawberry slush) wasn't as sweet, most likely because strawberries aren't in season at the moment. The jellies in the dessert (the clear things on the top right side) reminded me of a certain asian jelly cup that I can't seem to remember the name of. 

Also, there aren't that many seats, so be cautious of that. If it's a nice day out, you could probably grab a drink and sit at the park :D

All in all, pretty good, so I recommend checking it out!

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