Saturday, March 15, 2014

Van Dam Diner

  • 45-55 Van Dam St
  • Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Sunnyside

Although this was my first visit at Van Dam Diner, this was not my first taste of it. My mom works nearby at a jewelry company and would bring back cheesecake for my (and my sisters') birthday. I don't have a picture of it now, but it is quite good (but then again, what cheesecake isn't good?)

Okay, back to the diner. It has that 70s diner feel, with the booth and bar seats and nice waitresses/waiters. If it had been dark and stormy, the scene would have been perfect. 

There were plenty of food options; all of us (Maggie, Saul and I) decided on burgers. 

I decided on the veggie burger. It tasted fine, but there was a lack of lettuce and tomato in the burger. Just bun and patty made it really dry. 

Note about the buns: the sesame seeds are humoungous. And perfectly placed. 

Next burger is Maggie's. I believe it was a Turkey Burger with Swiss Cheese. The burger was fat and juicy and the swiss added a nice flavor.

Saul's burger was just a regular beef burger but with cheese and bacon *gasp*. I am not a fanatic of bacon, so I wasn't overly excited about it. However, I think he liked his burger. 

Finally, we all shared a platter of sweet potato fries which weren't super crispy, not that they usually are or should be. These were one of the better ones that I've had. 

Anyway, that's it for food. If you're stuffed after eating here, you could be like us and walk across 3 neighborhoods after having eaten here.

Also, like I said before, my mom works nearby here. She also has been working on her techy-side, so luckily she's been able to snap a pic of the diner. 

Each season, they paint the outside with the cutest decors :>

Okay, I'm done. Do any of these burgers entice you?

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