Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh Happy Day!!!

For those who haven't heard yet...


Today, Wasabi-Ginger lovers rejoice. 

If you remember my review on the chips, you'll remember that these were my favorite chips out of the four; I could not be any happier. If you scroll to the bottom of that same post, you'll see that I mentioned how it was near impossible to find the chips ever since my last bag. My friend (Hi Kelly) wanted to try these chips not long ago too, but she failed in the hunt as well. I'm assuming most stores will be stocked with these chips in a few months, guaranteed at most after a year, like the Cheesy Garlic Bread ones from last year.

I had thought the Cheddar and Bacon Mac n Cheese one would win, because most people are afraid of new flavors and everyone in America is a cheese-head (me included, of course). Of course, like I said before, I'm ecstatic that Wasabi-Ginger won and I won't have to worry about never having it ever again.

Anyway, Happy Eating!

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